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To purchase a copy of the 'three little fighters ' please visit the link below.

(proceeds go to the family and a portion will go to the jimmy everest cancer center at OU childrens hospital)


I want to say thank you to all my amazing fans and all those around the world who shared this image that brought hope and inspiration to so many people! I am beyond thrilled and blown away that these 3 sweet girls brought hope to millions around the globe!

visit these beautiful girls pages




and a few special thank you's! thank you to goodger photography, Penelopes and PJ's boutiques, news 9, fox stations, channel 5, the today show, and all the other news stations, news papers, websites, etc who shared the girls stories! I am honored that my work has been seen all over the world but more importantly I am so beyond thrilled that these girls were able to bring so much hope to those out there who are fighting and for helping raise childhood cancer awareness and for all the prayers they are receiving because so many out there saw their story!