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I want to say thank you to all my amazing fans and all those around the world who shared this image that brought hope and inspiration to so many people! We are beyond thrilled and blown away that these 3 sweet girls brought hope to millions around the globe!

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and a few special thank you's! thank you to goodger photography, Penelopes and PJ's boutiques, allyshouse.net, news 9, fox stations, channel 5, the today show, The Meredith Viera show, msn, yahoo, huffington post, and all the other news stations, news papers, websites, etc who shared the girls story! We are honored that our work has been seen all over the world but more importantly we are so beyond thrilled that these girls were able to bring so much hope to those out there who are fighting and for helping raise childhood cancer awareness and for all the prayers they are receiving because so many out there saw their story!


(July 2014) These girls are still touching lives in a way that is beyond words! They are three amazing little girls and meeting them and working with them and their parents was an incredible experience! We knew the picture would speak to people but never imagined it would be to this magnitude! So many photographers dream of having a piece of their art travel the world and be seen by millions and Christy Goodger and I are lucky enough to have been one of those few it actually happens to and twice at that! but its not the picture that made it such a big hit its the girls story! It touches you when you look at it but when you read about them you fall in love! and I think the reason it went viral for the second time is because the world fell in love with these 3 amazing girls and once they found out the girls were all 3 cancer free the world wanted to celebrate with them! So once again I say thank you to the world for your amazing support for these amazing girls! This picture (and more importantly these girls) hold a piece of our hearts and it means the world the Christie and I that it is bringing so much hope and inspiration!!! We hope you love their new "we're cancer free" pictures we did! to see more check out Christy's and my project page! :)





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